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Apr 2, 2010
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I've got an Aluminum Powerbook G4 I'm really not using for much, as I'm more or less done experimenting with MorphOS and don't much care for OSX. (I've been using it for Debian Linux, but unfortunately PPC Linux does not, at present, support having both suspend/resume and accelerated graphics at the same time, even though both the power-management and the onboard Radeon are supported... :Doh:)

So what the heck, I might as well see if someone here wants it. It's not a museum piece - there's a noticeable ding on the front left of the bottom half of the case, and the top is a bit scuffed - but it's fully functional, with a pretty clear screen (no dead pixels that I can spot,) and the body is structurally sound in spite of the dent. It also has a battery which holds a couple hours' charge (depending on load and screen brightness.) It's a 1.25GHz model (not the high-resolution one, though,) with an 80GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM. It's a good MorphOS machine, and not a bad system for Tiger, either. As I said, it's currently running Debian, but I'll be happy to throw either of those on there instead before sending it off.

I got it for pocket change, so I'm not looking to recoup an investment off it or anything; I just could use a different laptop in exchange for it. What I'm looking for is a decent semi-modern-ish (Core 2 or newer) laptop; something in decent shape with a fairly sturdy, ergonomic build. I'm going to use it for experimenting with open-source operating systems, so I really need the components to be supported by Linux at a minimum without a lot of hair-pulling. (XP support would be great as well, but it's not strictly a necessity.)

So if you've got a suitable machine you'd be interested in trading straight across for this, PM me. If you're in the vicinity of Sacramento, CA, you can even come out and take a look at it (I'm up by Placerville.)




(P.S. Sorry for the typo in the thread title, it is a 1.25GHz model. fixed......)
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