AmiBay is getting an overhaul over the next few weeks...


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Nov 24, 2007
This announcement is slightly overdue; thanks to Kin Hell for poking me with a stick and getting me to write this, in amongst the 101 other things we have on the go at the moment.

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been some very good points made about our site and how to improve it. To help things along, we recruited some new Moderators and this has helped, however, we can still improve things quite a bit.

So, with that in mind......

There will be some changes made in the Rules sections shortly as we start to overhaul them. To start with though, we are putting some Moderator Guidelines in place, which more fully explain the concepts behind what we are trying to achieve with the site, since everybody has a slightly different view of how things should be run and we need everybody 'on the same sheet of paper', so to speak (can't you tell my daytime job is as a Manager, :LOL: ).

This is in progress now and will be in place before the end of January; this should bring a lot more consistency in how moderation is applied across the site. Please bear in mind that some of the new Moderators were thrown in the deep end on here with little introduction to how things run; to their credit, they have found their feet quite well, considering how the site is still evolving and have made some valuable contributions to the site already. I would like to thank the new members of the team for their valiant efforts in the last few weeks, sometimes under quite difficult circumstances.

The next stage will be to simplify the AmiBay site rules and tidy them up, so that they are in simple English and can be easily understood (I like simple English). In some areas, we didn't put enough rules in place and we had to patch things up as we tripped over issues; in other areas, we may have overdone things a little bit and there is some room to tone things down. There is plenty of scope to revise them, however, this is not a five minute job, and we wanted the Moderator Guidelines in place before we undertook this task.

Please be patient with us, as the site has grown and changed massively from what we intended it to be. It is a fine balancing act between a chat forum and a trading site and we may not get it right 100% of the time. We originally didn't envisage Help and other forums that have suddenly sprung up, but now that they are there, we will keep and improve them. It's not easy doing all of this behind the scenes and moderating the site as well, however, we will get there, you have my word....

We do listen to the members on AmiBay, as you are the most important part, the customer.....thanks for being so patient with us, the site has exceeded all of our expectations and we have you all to thank for this.


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