Amibay VIP membership group created


Dec 1, 2007
West Sussex
I would like to announce that a new exclusive Amibay membership group, titled Amibay VIP has now been created.

This is a special and exclusive membership group awarded to members for their outstanding past contributions to Amibay. This title and membership colour is a small thank you from the Amibay team for the work they have put into the site, and is a small way for us to show our appreciation and gratitude.

This is an exclusive membership group that will only ever be given to ex-staff members and founding members of Amibay to show forever that they were once a key member of the Amibay team and helped to shape the site you are now using today.

Thanks goes to the following Amibay members who are the first to be given the status of Amibay VIP

DaZZaBoY - one of the founding members of Amibay, and responsible for sparking the original idea for Amibay.
Kin Kell - instrumental in helping setup and perfect the moderation and rules of Amibay.
Meega - one of the original Moderators of Amibay, helping Amibay run smoothly in the early days, and shaping how the site has come to be moderated.
Sarek2K - one of the founding members of Amibay, and responsible for some of the initial ideas and the Amiga logo design.
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