Closed Amiga 1200 + Pyramid TRA1200 + 4 mb fast + CF adapter

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Dec 11, 2014
The Netherlands
Hi All,

I am looking for a fast sale. Can be shipped tomorrow or next Wednesday.

- Amiga 1200 rev 2b, needs to be recapped but works fine without it. I did several 9 fingers loops each +/- 8 hours and no issues :).
- TRA1200 accelerator with 4 mb fast and new battery. No fpu installed.
- Kickstart 3.0
- Removed PCMIA slot , pins were missing :( so I placed an CF adapter instead. Hot glued so can be removed easily.
- Case slightly yellowed, key caps look a lot better :)
- Keyboard and diskdrive also tested and work fine.

Asking € 165,- plus shipment. Shipment costs within EU € 21,15 registered / tracked / insurance.

As long as the total package stays under 5kg I can throw in a psu / mouse as you wish.
CF / disks / joystick on last photo not included

Photo's may look deformed because the glass of my camera broke. Last 3 photo's are with daylight and taken a few hours earlier.

Also for sale elsewhere but amibayers are first.

Kind Regards,


20150921_194626.jpg 20150921_194847.jpg 20150921_194947.jpg 20150921_195132.jpg20150921_195222.jpg 20150921_195637.jpg 20150912_182753.jpg 20150921_170601.jpg 20150919_160318.jpg
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