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Aug 15, 2012
I have the sharp x68000 Compact XVI which uses a STRATOS CF AztecMonster SCSI adapter with CF card and I've just bought a double SCSI enclosure. The plan is to add a CD-ROM drive and relocate the STRATOS CF AztecMonster to that. Here's the thing, I have a SCSI add-on for my Blizzard IV 1230 which I still need to install. Can I use the same setup but changing the card with my A1200 and would there be much benefit with my Amiga setup over in the internal IDE CF adapter? 99% of the time I just use it for gaming. I see some people have this SCSI card and had problems with it misreporting geometry(?) so is there anything I would need to look out for? Also, can either machine use a SCSI DVD or would I be better just plumping for a CD unit? I know there's next to nothing on the x68000 that uses the CD-ROM and is more useful for copying files over at the moment.

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May 7, 2011
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I'd say you can, if the STRATOS handles x68000 format nicely it should do fine with the Amiga's as well, it should just be a matter of swapping CF cards.
But make sure the Amiga CF card is supported by the STRATOS adapter, else duplicate it onto a supported one.
The blizzard SCSI kit does not provide active termination on its end of the bus. The STRATOS does and in the manual warns about using it with very old controllers. Not sure if blizzard SCSI kit classifies as very old, but you might have to disable STRATOS termination and use an external passive termnator.
Set blizzard SCSI to async 5 MB/sec at first for maximum compatiblity, then you can move towards sync 10 MB/sec.

DVD and CD drives are the same thing from the SCSI command set point of view. It's the OS drivers that determines proper support of either type. So you can install a DVD and simply use CD-ROM media, it'll be the same as using a CD-ROM. But use an updated firmware on the blizzard SCSI for this, 8.1 onwards. Or use softSCSI from Aminet.
Of course if you use both the STRATOS and an optical drive, plan accordingly for termination. My recommendation would be to disable termination for both and use an external 50-pin passive terminator plugged in the 2nd SCSI port of the SCSI enclosure (I assume it has two 50-pin centronics type ports).

Even in async mode, blizzard SCSI should considerably outperform the onboard IDE. Go for it. The internal port is still useful as a secondary drive for storage purposes.
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