Closed Amiga 3000 & 4000 User's Guides and RKM

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May 3, 2010
Boise, IDaho
I am looking for the following books:

Amiga 4000 user's manual (I have the rest of the set, Workbench 3.0, Hard disk manaul, AREXX and Amiga Dos, AGA supplement etc, just need this part).

Amiga 3000 user's manual (Once again I have several sets of the 2.0 guides, just need the user's manual for the actual computer).

Amiga Hardware reference guide (3rd edition).
Amiga RKM: Libraries (3rd edition).
Amiga RKM: Devices (3rd edition).

(I have the Includes and Autodocs)

Looking for manuals in good condition. I can spend no more than around $15-20 for RKM manuals each, and about $10 or so for the user's manual.

The recession has left me a bit short on cash :(
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