Closed Amiga 600 with xT Turbo Card, RGB2HDMI, New Keyboard Membrane and more

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Jul 6, 2022
I am sad to see this little guy but it is time to say goodbye to this nicely upgraded A600.

The A600 comes with the following:

• 3.1 Roms
• xT Accelerator Card 28Mhz 680000 with 11Mb Ram (Reviewed in the next issue of WhatIFF?)
• RGB2HDMI with Raspberry Pi Zero W
• 4GB CF Disk
• New Keyboard Membrane
• New LED lights (longer cable and both ends have plugs so less chance of breaking the wire)
• Buffered CF Adapter
• Workbench 3.1 Disks
• USB Mouse Adapter
• USB Mouse
• 110v Power Supply

This machine works very nicely, it was recapped in 2021. The the xT gives it a nice speed boost and the RGB2HDMI looks fantastic. The case and keys have been retrobrited, though there are some dimples on the bottom of the case and the screws are a little loose. However, the case still stays on nicely when the proper screws are used. I hope it can find a nice home and get lots of use :) I am looking for £399 + shipping

IMG_0018 Large.jpeg
IMG_0024 Large.jpeg

Edit: Price reduction to £350

Edit: Price drop to £299

Edit: SOLD outside Amibay.


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