Amiga Emulation Guide and Terminology


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May 10, 2009
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For all the people who are having trouble understanding all the emulation and terminology, lets shed some light:


  • WinUAE- Windows branch of UNIX Amiga Emulator, most active and compatible, but not the fastest
  • E-UAE- UNIX Amiga Emulator for : Mac, Amiga 68k, Linux, BSD, Amiga PPC, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS
  • UAE4all- an older port of UNIX Amiga Emulator, used to port to the various game consoles
  • Amiga XL- A minimal QNX 6.3 installation with a modified UAE over it, one of the two emulators on AmigaOS XL CD.
  • Amithlon- A linux kernel that boots a modified UAE that uses RTG emulation, doesn't use custom chips. Very fast, swine on modern hardware, my favorite. Ask Charlie on EAB if you have issues.
  • Fellow- Emulator that is UAE alternative, no longer developed
  • X-Amiga- E-UAE with gentoo, amithlon alternative.
  • Amikit- free compilation of over 300 amiga programs
  • Amiga Forever- Compilation of AmigaOS and roms with games and WinUAE, host of other tools
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