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Sep 29, 2014

This is my first attempt at selling here so i hope i do it right.

  • Prefer to sell in one lot, but will separate if no one has bought all before the first bump (~2 weeks). Feel free to declare interest on individual items in the hope someone doesn't take the whole lot.
  • Not seeking to profit, just to share with those who may have a use for these or someone missing stuff from their collection/s. Only charging postage costs rounded up to the nearest AU$.
  • Willing to ship anywhere (but please be patient with shipping estimate requests - i've never shipped overseas before).
  • Buyer pays PayPal gift or normal and pay the relevant associated fees.
  • Disks have had very basic testing. I can't test AGA content or CDs.
  • For more information about disk/disc content - look here:
  • >> Photos here <<

Here's the list of disks:
Amiga Power 5 - good
Amiga Power 7 - good
Amiga Action 14 - load from WB. Has stuff on it. I didn't delve.
Amiga Format 15 - read/write error on "flip-it & Magnose" otherwise good.
Amiga Computing Issue 61 - limited testing, good.
CU Amiga 01 - good.
CU Amiga 04 - call me a noob, but i can't get past the intro screen :S
CU Amiga 05 - "Monty Python" and "Torvak The Warrior" don't work otherwise good.
CU Amiga 48 - A few r/w errors
CU Amiga 50 - limited testing, good (x2 of these)
CU Amiga 51 - good
CU Amiga 55 - good
CU Amiga 56 - unreadable
CU Amiga 58 - limited testing, good.
CU Amiga 59 - red screen, doesn't load on my '500.
CU Amiga 74 - limited testing, good.
CU Amiga 82 - limited testing, good.

And CDs:
CU Amiga Super CD-ROM 20
CU Amiga Super CD-ROM 22

Items are not presently elsewhere, but i'll advertise them on AU forums after a few weeks of being here. Maybe some locals will want this stuff.

EDIT: I've made these available elsewhere now. Again, not so much for profit, just in the hope that if someone out there does want it, they have an opportunity to grab it.
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