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Dec 14, 2007
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I dont remember reading this here it goes:

This is my wishlist of Amiga items. Some of them have been impossible for me in the past, impossible to find, impossible to afford...

Anyway, this are my most desired Amiga related stuff, not in particular but in random order:

- A608 ;)
- Picasso II
- Piccolo 64
- Harlequin
- Elbox Z4 or any similar Z4 expansion for Amiga 1200
- Concierto card for Picasso IV
- Picasso IV
- Elite Digital Broadcaster
- Video Toaster
- Amiga 4000T QuikPak
- Cyberstorm PPC
- Cybervision 3D
- Prelude
- Delfina
- Ad516 Sunrize Industries
- Buddha
- Catweasel Mk2 Anniversary
- Clockport expander expansion
- Mtec A603
- Deneb USB
- Subway USB
- Algor
- Power Tower
- Mediator for Amiga 3000/4000
- Prometheus
- RBM Tower
- Fastlane for Amiga 4000
- Any TBC which syncs with Toaster
- E/Matrix for Amiga 500
- GVP Tekmagic
- Blizzard 1240/60


Oh well...dreaming is free...ate least on this forum, right? ;)
Not that i try to do in any way any kind of "price-driving" thing here...just wanted to share my toughts Amiga-related with you

Special Mention: Commodore 65, Commodore 116, Commodore Max and Commodore B128

So....whats YOUR wishlist??

PD: Mods, if you think im infringing some rules, please accept my apologies and close/delete this message
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