Closed AmigaOne X1000 (USA only, maybe Canada too)

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Jan 27, 2010
Grass Valley, CA.
* May consider other countries outside of USA & Canada but shipping will be very expensive (hundreds) so if you know that, we can chat *

For sale is a pristine condition AmigaOne X1000 Computer. Mine is presently running dual displays so has two video cards inside. Really cool when you connect to large displays to it. ;-)

I live in California so that is where local pick up or shipping will come from. System is 3 years old. When ordered from AmigaKit I had it maxed out and since have added more goodies inside.

Going rate for a new X1000 from AmigaKit for delivery in USA is $3300. Add Warp 3D and a couple other drivers and you are nearing $3400.

Selling mine at $2595 plus shipping.

AmigaOne X1000 in black
AmigaOne Keyboard
AmigaOne Mouse
Power Cord, Manual, AmigaOS CDs
4GB Ram
1TB Amiga OS 4.1FE Hard Drive (includes Warp 3D & updated Radeon Drivers)
1TB 2nd Hard Drive
CF Card on Logic Board
Original Radeon HD 4650 Video Card
Radeon R9 270 Video Card
Serial Debug Port

Happy to make video of system booting, running, for the buyer. Will email pictures also to buyer.

Will ship in original Fractal Case box that I received it in from AmigaKit.

Firm on price. Great deal!

Email any questions.

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