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May 20, 2011
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Here we have a total of 140+ Amstrad CPC games. The package actually includes more as I have thrown in a load of Amsoft and other games I didnt picture, so you will get more than 140 games.

Due to the age of the games and the fact that they are stored on magnetic tape media I cannot provide any guarantees that any of them work, so these are being sold as untested with no returns.

Please be aware that due to the age of these games, some may show signs of wear, rips or pen marks to the inlays, cassette labels etc.

This is a great opportunity for someone to grab an absolute bargain as I am only looking for £199 plus delivery for the lot making each game less than £1.25 each.

This is a great bundle to take what you want and resell on eBay or elsewhere as there are some desirable game in among them all.

Payment by Paypal Goods & Services if you are happy to pay the fees, or PP Friends and Family / Bank Transfer if you dont want to give Paypal any more money than they have already got.

Local delivery available, as is collection from Littlehampton, BN17.

This has been advertised on other groups.

Look out for my other Amstrad CPC game bundles, hardware and games for sale.


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