An Ex-pat Newbie says Hello!


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Aug 22, 2015
This is my first post here, just to say a little about myself. Born in '73 in the UK I was very lucky to experience the first wave of gaming and kept on with it through Vic20, C64, AtariST, Amiga, Megadrive and then PC and then....not much.
I emigrated to Canada, pretty much said goodbye to gaming for many years aside from watching my young children play Barbie or Monsters Inc on PC or Gamecube but as my son got older I inevitably got back into gaming and I am still finding my feet in a very new gaming world and checking out some classic games on the way (Resident Evil 4 on Gamecube blew me away recently!).
I am without an Amiga right now but I've been without one for about 17 years and the time is right to rectify this.
In the meantime I hope to engage with some like-minded folk here and continue to get caught up on what I've missed since around 1998 :blink:
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