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May 10, 2009
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Melbourne, FL 32901
Hey guys! Since X-mas brought me some new toys, time to clear out space-taking stuff.

I have for sale a Pentium Box running an Aopen AT motherboard, equipped with an SB16 MC sound card. It DOESN'T have a video card, all mine available are AGP. Other than the sound card it has:
Pentium 133
CD writer
8GB HD (No OS)
2x 3.5 Floppy Drives (1.44MB)
It has the following connectors:
PS/2 Mouse connector
AT keboard connector (can supply PS/2 adapter)
1 serial Mouse connector (unconnected)
1 Parallel Port (unconnected)
16MB RAM (70ns SIMMS)

The reason these are unconnected is the lack of labeling of the leads on the board.
My price (offers by PM accepted too) is $20 USD, I need this gone, pics later on... I can split it if necessary

I also have the following add-ons available ( can buy separately)

SB AWE32 $7 for card, $2 for upgrade
Sb 32 PnP $6 for card $2 for upgrade
Windows 3.0 (Floppies) $3
IBM OS/2 1.2 (Floppies) $4
SB128 5v PCI $10 for card, $5 for upgrade
Etherlink II ISA $5 for card, $3 for upgrade
Etherlink XL PCI $10 for card, $4 for upgrade
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