AV Famicom & Everdrive N8

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Apr 27, 2013
Nintendo AV Famicom console AND Everdrive N8 with SD Card.

This is a clean, fully working Nintendo AV Famicom Console. It comes complete with two controllers and a Famicom N8 Everdrive cartridge, with SD card. There is no box, no power supply and no AV leads supplied. You can use a Super Nintendo power supply and AV cable, these work fine (which is what I did). The console is fully functioning and clean (with some very slight yellowing on the controllers and a small patch you should be able to see on the photo, near the cartridge slot on the console). Note that the second controller picture is not faded, it's just the flash from my camera that caused this.

The Everdrive N8 cart comes complete with an SD card and the official red cart shell, as pictured. It is clean and working 100%.

Asking €220 shipped tracked and insured to the UK/EIRE/EU Union. Outside the EU and RoW please ask.



This item weighs 0.750kg according to my SAGA digital postal scales. I will only ship this item signed, tracked and insured. Recently people have been claiming items haven't arrived if I've sent them by cheaper, normal post. I then end up losing out in the PayPal claim and have lost both the item for sale and the monies involved. I won't send by normal post any more due to this scam a small minority appear to be playing (on eBay). Especially so for items of significant value, sorry. I am sure though you would rather your item arrive safe and sound than risk it anyway. I know I would.

If you don't see your country listed for shipping to, please ask and I will do my best to get you a quote. Thank you.
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