Banana Pi with extras

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Feb 16, 2008
Wales, UK
This is a project that I have not gotten around to yet and just don't have the time with now or the coming new year.

I have here a Banana Pi which is in a case and you get a multimedia keyboard.

The Banana Pi is a new generation of micro computers like the Raspberry Pi only this one has a lot more power behind it.

You can install different versions of Linux or even put Android 4.2 on to a SD card and load it up for a great experience.

I will also include the special SATA cable which is not pictured but will be supplied.

With this you can run 2.5” hard drives to store your files or even the operating system.

I hope this goes to a good home as it deserves the attention because its a great machine that's doing nothing in my house.

I am asking £55 for all the items listed and £5 for postage within the UK.

If you are not living in the UK please ask and I can get you a postage price.

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