BlizKick - Blizzard cards


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Dec 14, 2007
Buenos Aires
Hello my friends: im trying to compile a complete list of all the functions available/which you use in your Blizzard cards

I mean, if you have a Blizzard card, and if you are using BlizKick (the excellent program made by Piru), what modules are you using? How do you implement them? How did you manage to configure everything besides rom mapping??

Are you using it under which OS version??

My idea is to put a list with all modules available, how to implement them (syntax) for the not so experts, like doing a mini tutorial, since im sure this little program for Blizz accelerators is very very useful, but in order to be able to use it 100% and take advantage of all its features, one must have a little more expertise on Amiga stuff than the average (including me of course :D)

Im also calling all BlizKick users, since almost 90% of the accel cards that are sold/bought on this forume are...erm...Blizzard ;)
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