Bonjour from France


Aug 21, 2014
Ile de France
Hi fellow nerds,

For me it started with a Amstrad PC1512 when I was around 10 using DOS and two 5"1/4 floppy drives (no HD, it was only for fancy models). Went on to console gaming with a Sega Master System, later a GameBoy and finally a SNES. After that it was back to PC (a pentium 200 based noname machine), a platform I haven't stopped gaming and tinkering on.

During my pentium days I regularly bought PC magazines, some of them featured modules. I started digging into the history of that format later and realised I had completely missed the Amiga and Atari lines of computers ... since I really like chip music I recently made up for that by putting back into service a nice A600 for music listening.

These days I collect console (tough I'm not interested in the consoles from the PS3/X360 generation onward) and PC games, and a bit of PC hardware (especially soundcards).

See you on the boards !
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