CBM UK Stickers


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Aug 28, 2010
Milton Keynes
While at the Amiga30 show i had a long chat with David Pleasance and i ask him about some amigas that i have or have had over the years with CBM UK on yellow or orange stickers underneath them.

I didn't know wether this meant they were CBM own machines in the UK or if they were assembled or Quality assessed in the UK , well David had the answer of sorts...

He says that all big box and Commodore PCs were QA checked after being imported in to the UK to ensure they worked presumably but this only applies to the big box machines , 2000,3000,4000 and IBM PC clones. The A500/600/1200 were sold in much greater numbers so only a small portion of those were checked before being sent to resellers.

So if you have a CBM UK sticker on your amiga then it was checked before dispatch at Commodore UK.

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