Cheap, useless LCD TV.


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Aug 18, 2010
Been playing a bit of Dungeon Master after I got in from work. Fun times.

Switched over to some TV. Hells Kitchen USA. More fun times.

Saw some odd lines on the right-hand side of the screen. Weird.

Switched back to the Amiga, which was showing the AMOS Pro editor screen. Very clearly defined on the right-hand side of the display was a ghost of the icons for my 4 Dungeon Master Warriors currently held weapons.

Fuuuuuuuuuulippin hell!

Turned the TV off. Turned the TV on. Still there.

Turned the TV off, read some Wikipedia about the Commodore Plus/4, 128 and 128D. Turned the TV on. Still there (but a bit less noticable).

That had best not be there when I switch my TV on again, tomorrow morning. :censored:
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Dec 1, 2007
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Most people panic and instantly think screen burn-in. Like we used to see with green/amber screens that had been left on all day displaying a login screen, and when switched off would have it permanently burnt into the screen.

The good news is that modern LCD and Plasma screens are a lot less susceptible to screen burn in. What you are probably experiencing is a phenomenon called transient image persistence, which is not permanent. With a plasma screen, it is caused by a charge building up in the pixel cells (not luminance degradation as in burn-in), which is most often caused by a bright image set on the dark background. This image retention will not normally last too long, once the screen is returned to moving images that allow the retained image built up in the screen charge to be released.

However, I'm surprised it happened so fast to an LCD screen as it is normally plasma screens that are the most susceptible to screen burn in and/or transient image persistence. if your TV were a plasma screen, then it is recommended not to play games on them where parts of the screen are fixed graphics, because actual screen burn-in can occur from fixed long periods of gameplay. And in fact it can also happen to LCD screens, but isn't caused in the same way as prosper luminance degradation, which is the cause in CRT and Plasma screens.

Although most new Plasma screens have better panels that are more immune to the effect, or perform a pixel shirting routine to prevent it, although often this needs activating in the screen menus.
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