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Dec 1, 2007
West Sussex
I have here 15 issues of the magazine Computer Video.

This publication stopped being published in 2004, but you can find out more by going to

At the time it was a great source of information about anything to do with computer based video editing and anything related to the DV industry. Capture cards, software, editing suites, Mac/PC based, Video Cameras, Broadcast monitors. You name it, they reviewed and tested it. Plus loads of tutorials and info for editors.

The issues I have here are:

Issue 35 - Sept 2000
Issue 38 - Dec 2000
Issue 39 - Jan 2001
Issue 40 - Fed 2001
Issue 42 - April 2001
Issue 43 - May 2001
Issue 44 - June 2001
Issue 45 - July 2001
Issue 47 - Sept 2001
Issue 48 - Oct 2001
Issue 50 - Dec 2001
Issue 51 - Jan 2002
Issue 52 - Feb 2002
Issue 54 - April 2002
Issue 59 - Sept/Oct 2002

I don't want any money for these. I just want to find them a new home, rather than throw them away. So if you are interested let me know. Postage might be quite high as magazines are always heavy, but I expect we could work something out. Or if you live in the South of UK you could collect.

Also, if you are after just one or a few of these issues let me know. I am willing to split them up. Some issues looking at the Mac OSX or the Windows XP launch releases and what they offer editors might be of interest to some.
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