Sold CYBERSTORM SCSI for Cyberstorm (MK 1)

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Sep 7, 2011
CYBERSTORM SCSI for Cyberstorm (MK 1)

Pictures of the actual item. Click to load bigger version of the picture: SCSI (1).JPG SCSI (2).JPG

This card was sold to me as working. It was already missing the external SCSI connector part and still is. I also have no floppies for it, but anyone can download those from the above link.

At some point I noticed Phase 5 support page contained newer firmare for it and I erased the old V1.17 and prommed V8.5 over it.

However it took years before I installed the SCSI card to CS MK1 and noticed I had installed
ROM (27C256) reversed. The result was destroyed 27C256 with one burn wire seen though UV-window.

I immediately prommed new 27C256 and was careful to put it correctly this time, but the card was not working and the system gave random color screen (blue, purble, turqoise, green, dark grey etc.) on each power on.

I can imagine these possible reasons:

1) I recently converted my CS MK1 from 040 to 060 with a not so well known hack that is required for old revision CYBERSTORM CPU cards and this changed the behaviour of the card to only work with A4000 J100 set on INT position when normal factory installed CS MK1 060 operates J100 set to EXT position. I did not want to remove the hacks because making the card like it was before modification would have required 040 CPU, which I sold already. While writing this I have also sold my CS MK1 so I can abandon any ideas to remove modification and test SCSI module without it.

2) Maybe I did something wrong while promming the eprom. Unfortunately I do not have the original ROM anymore since I UV-erased it and re-wrote over it.

3) While ROM destroyed it destroyed something else too (which I can't really believe since, eprom is not supplying any voltages to destroy something).

4) Maybe the card was faulty already when I got it. Should have tested for the first time already years ago.

I changed the 40MHz oscillator for the card, but that changed nothing.

So buy with your own risk. Maybe it works in your non-modified CS MK1 right away or maybe not.

If it turns out to be faulty, there is at least one possible spare for it here (please not that us FAS216u when the original is FAS216):

What you get with the SCSI module are these which you can use no matter what of the SCSI card itself:

SCSI 50-pin cable with 2 or 3 connectors (you need to choose one if you want to keep the shipping costs down.
One extra V8.5 ROM for CYBERSTORM SCSI (if I have prommed it right) or more if you really need those.

Becuse of the uncertain working condition of this quite rare card the the price is 50€ + the cheapest possible shipping costs with Paypal gift or the Paypal extra fees if not using gift method.
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