Everything old is new again... :)


A1000 Keeper of the Faith
Aug 28, 2015
Back in 1989 I decided to upgrade my A1000 with DKB Kwikstart II and DKB Insider II boards. I bought both with all the add-ons and located a person willing to install them. When I got my machine back it didn't work. Since the person who did the work never asked for any money I had no recourse and my A1000 has sat in a box for 27 years.

I have other A1000s but never wanted to risk them. I recently got another functional A1000 daughter board (which is where the damage is as far as I can tell) and want to swap it out with the damaged unit in my old A1000. The problem is that I no longer have the install documentation or testing software. I also don't like to solder and again require someone to help me.

If this one is damaged or the boards are... :picard
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