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Mar 28, 2008
Due to the recent number of complaints involving Declaration of interest, I feel I need to re-iterate the following Amibay Rule.

Make sure you can afford an item before posting
This may sound silly, but please make sure you have sufficient funds before putting in an offer to purchase an item. If you try to buy an item and cannot afford it then AmiBay may take action for time wasting and site disruption.

As you are all aware Amibay is run on a gentlemanly basis and must be percieved as a fair and productive trading Forum.

Therefore just to clarify the above statement.
Affording an item should be taken as having immediate funds to be able to purchase the goods by whatever means.
Asking for a time deferall or time to think about the purchase will NOT be constituted as Declaring Interest and I must ask ALL Staff and Members to refrain from from posting within threads in this manner.
I have asked the moderation team to check existing threads for this behaviour and act accordingly from now and in the future.

This has to be tightened up & enforced unfortunately as it is being witnessed that various threads are being abandoned or creating confusion which can cause major frustration to both parties, and at the end of the day not providing the Amibay experience or reputation that we pride ourselves upon since we began...

So in continuing and promoting our fairplay with satisfaction ethic, I hope all Amibay members will understand the reasoning behind this announcement and contribute accordingly.

Please feel free to contact a member of staff if you need further help or are unsure.

Many Thanks for your valuable time

TC :thanks:
Not open for further replies.
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