External Amiga drive adapter cable for Gotek Usb floppy emulator

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Sep 18, 2014

With this cable, you can externally connect a Gotek USB Floppy Drive Emulator on any AMIGA (500/600/1200), on the External disk connector. (it's a cut 25pin D connector who perfectly plug like a real 23pin D connector).

It might work with a HxC floppy Emu too, but i never tried. But it will not work at all with a real floppy disk drive, even a amiga compatible.

The external connected gotek drive will be recognise as DF1.
But you can make it bootable (like DF0:) on a AMIGA 500+,600,1200 by choosing to boot from DF1 through boot menu (press both mouse buttons when computer is booting).

To make it boot as a DF0:, on an AMIGA 500 (my machine) with 1.3 Rom Kickstart (and maybe 1.2...), there is a possible hardware modification (i ve never tried), but you can do it by software with DEGRADER. If needed i can send a real floppy disk of this software with the cable.
As you can see on the picture of the game, it works with degrader (it works around 60% of the time, some programs won't boot by this way).

France/European Union = 12€ shipping included. (untracked).
Rest of the World = 12€60 shipping included (untracaked).

(By paypal "Gift").

DSC_0258.jpg DSC_0256.jpg DSC_0261.jpg DSC_0268.jpg DSC_0280.jpg
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