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Apr 9, 2010
United Kingdom
As you may have seen in my other thread I broke the LCD screen. I have since bought a brand new LCD and fitted it which seemed to go smoothly, but now I can't get it to power on. I'm usually handy at this kind of thing so am fairly sure I haven't done anything stupid, but it is not getting power for some reason. It doesn't seem to be charging as the battery is not getting hot when plugged in. It could be something really simple but I have given up and bought a new one as I 'need' it for my 2 hour daily commute and don't want to go any longer without a retro gaming fix!

This is the 8GB/2GB RAM model, it comes complete with original box and charger. Everything worked before the power issue, all buttons and sound etc. Will be wiped before sending out so no games included. Cosmetically it's in good used condition, as above it has a brand new LCD screen, the only thing worth noting is a crack at the top (pictured) which happened while I was opening it. Sold as seen, there's every chance somebody with a bit of patience can fix it but no guarantees.

Here's the manufacturers site for full spec:

PRICE: £40 + postage

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