Faulty Mirage 4000 Pro bus-board?


Mar 2, 2009
Brighton & Hove
Hi folks,

I bought a Mirage 4000 Pro tower system off one of the forum members last year and have been struggling with stability ever since I got it.

After testing it seems that the bus-board is faulty :-(

The symptoms are that the Mediator slot gets very warm after a few minutes of running - with or without the Mediator installed. Specifically the rows of inline resistors. This causes screen corruption and crashes with my CyberVision 64 Z3 graphics card and ultimately renders the system unusable.

I have tested with a bare setup (Amiga 4000, bus-board, CV64) and the same thing occurs. Switching out the bus-board for the standard A4000 daughter-board the problems go away and the system runs fine.

I've tried both with a CS mkIII 060 and also the stock A3630 and exactly the same issue.

I've emailed Elbox support - but doubtful I will get a good response as it is probably out of warrantee by now (originally purchased 27-09-2012).

Does anyone recognise these symptoms and could it be bad caps or something relatively simple to fix? I'm handy with a soldering iron but not great at diagnosing issues!

Hope someone can help as this purchase has turned out to be an expensive mistake otherwise :-(
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