Finally got one!


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Dec 15, 2010
After years of trying to get one I finally got myself an A1200 from the UK at a reasonable price. Never wanter an NTSC model really. Don't even know if they sold that many NTSC machine in the first pace. The case is pristine but with a bit of yellow on the key, which funny enough, is limited to the center row of keys from A to L.
The HDD that I bought on the other bay was scrap but I have a CF kit on order from Amigakit, a brand new set of OS 3.1 floppy and also an ethernet pmcia card.
I'll try to use my actual scandoubler with it and if it isn't satisfactory I'll replace it with the indivision one.
I'm also planning to buy an accelerator/ram expansion when for my birthday come july.
I presently use an A500 north american PSU, but I've ordered some ATX connector, switches and some board to mount the one and I'll use them to convert a PC atx psu for the A1200. That way it won't be power starved.

I mostly bought it for programming in C and Assembly, but of course I'll play games too :D

I may let go both of my A1000 or maybe keep one as a spare but those machine are really hard to update.
Those are stock with the 256k front expansion. I can't seem to be able to find a side ram expansion anywhere in any case.

I did bought a Gotek floppy thingy but I can't seem to be able to make it work. The menu appear, I scroll to an entry and type enter but then nothing happens and the display shows H - C... I do have about 30 boxes of brand new floppy disk so I don't really mind as I can manage in the mean time, but if someone has any hint on what may be going wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

I also got a few boxed game, nothing fancy. F-19 with a pretty damaged box, Eye of the beholder (Kixx edition), Ogre (I played the table top game when I was younger but never the computer one) and UFO enemy unknown. I've already got plenty of stuff from the EAB ftp over the years but it's nice to have the uncraked and boxed original version in my library.
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