For PC ENGINE(all models) => NEO Power PC-E 128M+SAVE super flash cart (like new)

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original price from : $149 (134€)
my price : 90€ ($100) + shipping (y)

Function: - support all PC-E
* support PCE game save, the ram size up to 2Mbit,and can upload/overwrite save data to PC via NEO Silm Loader IV
* support some special games from now, like "Populous"
- support all PC-E CORE
- support all TG16
- support all DUO
- support all GT
- support all SuperGraphx
- support multi PC-E rom,and use switch to swap the game,one cart can store 63 PC-E games maximum
- support 20M Street Fighter II
- memory size up to 128M
- use USB Slim Loader to burn
- plug and play
- reset function support, not need power off console to select the game
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