For SNES => NEO SNES/SFC Myth + NEO3 SD flash cart (like new)

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original price from : $169 (152€)
my price : 95€ ($105) + shipping (y)


Specs :
* Support ALL SNES/SFC console,all in one solution
* Support the SNES/SFC rom size up to 64M
* Support all save type
* Support 99.5% SNES/SFC games , and sure, some special game need DXP cart support
* Download games from PC to NEO2 cart directly via USB port
* Upload/restore game save to PC via USB directly
* Multi-CIC support, can use any SNES/SFC cart to boot Neo Myth on you SNES/SFC console
* Support Multi games, can download many games at the same time and swap the game via menu on your TV
* Upgradeable! Support upgrade the SNES/SFC Myth cart CPLD logic core through the NDP upgrade kit
* Use the GBA (Neo) cart or an SD card for storage of games.
* Support for cheat codes (Game Genie and Action Replay) (plugin & menu. Plugin supports the Deluxe Cheat format by default :,6110.0.html).
* Support for detection/fixing of software region protection ( plugin & menu ).
* Different reset modes supported; reset to game, reset to menu (requires firmware 2.1 or later).
* SPC playback (SNES music).
* VGM/VGZ playback (Sega Master System / Game Gear music) (SD mode only).
* Supported formats : .SMC (SNES games) , .SPC (SNES music) , .VGM (uncompressed Sega Master System / Game Gear music)
* Long filename support
* Zipped rom support ( only up to 1MB uncompressed )
* IPS patching ( plugin )
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