Gameboy Color front light kit x2

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Aug 27, 2013
I have two unopened front light kits for gameboy color that I don't need. I bought them on Aliexpress, but unfortunately link's been removed. One of the comments said they were exactly like kitsch bent kits, but I don't know since I never had one.

I tried to install one (third one, unpacked in the pictures, this one isn't for sale) but wasn't happy with the results. I used LOCA adhesive to improve the mod, but kit itself blurs the picture a bit, so in the end I undid it. I prefer clear picture, although not lit. So that's the reason why I'm selling them.

Unlike kitsch bent kits these don't have resistor attached. Just 4 SMD leds. You need to add resistor or it won't work (tried it, GBC wouldn't turn on because LEDs without resistor drew to much current). That's why unpacked one, which I tried to install, has resistor (68 ohm in this case) soldered on one cable.

Price is 9€ per piece, shipping is around 4€ tracked worldwide (from what I checked, but maybe for some "exotic on the other side of the world" locations could be higher). They're light enough so if someone buys both of them shipping is still the same as for one piece.


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