Greetings from Northern Germany


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May 9, 2015
Bad Eilsen
Hi everybody,

I am new here at Amibay and like to shortly introduce myself.
i was born in 1970, so I was very glad to be part of the home computer era when I was young.
BTW: I still feel young!

My my first computer was a Texas Instruments TI99/4a - a great piece of electronics at that point of time.
After a few years I switched to a Atari 1040ST.
During the years I completely disassembled this, mounted everything in a new housing, added lots of HW add-ons- had a lot of fun.
unfortunately, I sold the ST about 20 years back - what a pity.

Since two years, I am now collecting retro computers, mainly from the 90s.
my focus is on Atari, but my first one a TI99/4a, as well as two C64, a ZX81 and a Spectrum are also part of the collection.

I hope this will be a nice place for trading and making nice contacts.

so long
Michael (LarryL)
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