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May 7, 2015
Just thought I would introduce myself. I am from the U.S. Been a former Apple II, C64 owner from the late 70s / early 80s. My brother stole my Apple II in 89, I sold my C64 in 86 to purchase an Amiga 1000 back in 86. I used to write demos and intros on the Apple II and C64 in 6502/6510 assembly.

I sold my 1000 (my mistake) to purchase an Amiga 3000 in 1990. In 93 I sold the 3000 (my mistake again) to get into the PC/MS Dos scene. I got into collecting retro game consoles from my youth back in 98, stayed in the PC scene, still there today with my Alienware m18x R2.

I got the Amiga itch again after I returned from deployment in Iraq back in 2004 so I purchased an Amiga 3000D and an Amiga 4000D. after a couple moves I have since lost the 4000 somewhere, but still have the 3000. Well life got crazy and the Amiga 3000 got put in the garage in 2009 and since stayed there till now (after two more moves).

well the Amiga it is back so I dug out the 3000 and am cleaning her up and restoring her. Have many things ordered for upgrading, but the specs are kind of plain.

Amiga 3000D
2Mb Chip RAM
18Mb Fast RAM
A3640 Accelerator

recently added to my 3000:

10mb ethernet card
gvp 24/28 video rtg video card
usb board from genny_flick with 4 port pc slot usb port (works great)
emplant macintosh emulator

now out of slots.

I have completely disassembled every nut and bolt, cleaned it inside out, retrobrighted every plastic component and now she looks almost new again.


just thought i would update my hello with my new amiga addition.

i added an Amiga 1000 with and Insider I 1.5mb ram expansion and rtc installed.
also have the 256k front ram expansion, 1084s monitor and 1010 external drive.

i have a kickstart switcher ordered from a user on here also, so i can use a newer kickstart.

man i cant remember amiga collecting being this addicting back when i had my original 1000 back in 1987.

well enough rambling, back to reading the forums here and every other Amiga site I can find.

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