Hello and Happy New Year, Amibay!


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Dec 30, 2014
United States
New Jersey
Hey everyone!

Sending greets from New Jersey, USA, where it does smell funny but looks nothing like those
shows on TV! :p

I've never owned an Amiga, as they were hard to come by in the States, but I've always been
fascinated by them ever since I saw them being demoed at local computer shops and have always
wanted one. We were an IBM PC household, which also squashed my chances of owning a Mac, another
computer platform I enjoyed but managed to land a few of now.

The closest I have right now is running Icaros Desktop on an old IBM ThinkPad, but there's just something
about having the real Amiga itself that I really would like to experience.

Besides Amigas, I also have a great interest in retrocomputing in general, so I know I'll enjoy myself here!
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