Hello fellow awesome people!


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May 12, 2015
Hi all,

i'm Jesper, not a total stranger to the world of Amigas, though far less experienced than most of you i'm sure.

However, that doesn't stop me from returning to the Amiga 500 platform! No siiirrrreeeee.
I used to own an A500 (I think it was a +, but not entirely certain), i borrowed it to a former friend and then one magic day when i went to pick it up, yea... he had moved across the country and took it with him! :picard
Ok so i was about 19 at the time, but that still bugs me even today! Now i am 36.
*waves fist in air*

So anyway, i got back on track :D, last month and bought myself a brand spanking OLD... A500 (with the original box of course, i love having the complete thing), it was from a local auction site and it was in a good shape except one of the keys were a bit extra yellowed, or so i could tell from the pictures anyway.
Got it for a steal and was shipped quite fast too, wow.. kudos on that.
I opened it like a kid on xmas eve, and... the yellowed key was actually from a modern PC keyboard, or semi modern anyway.. definitely not an A500 key, that's for sure.. grrrrrrrrrrrr***
The mechanism and spring was still there, but apparently it's a bit uncommon kind of keyboard (double membrane) at least on Ebay, all the "key sellers" had other versions, then i found one. Except this was a complete keyboard.. *sigh*.
Anyway i bought it, it wasn't that expensive, although my A500 is complete again i still have an incomplete keyboard.

I'm still trying to find a key replacement so i can sell it, but it seems to take a while for them to appear.
we'll see.

Anyway, i just wanted to share my re-introduction into the Amiga world.

After flashing and installing the Gotek drive for the A500, i am today i'm traversing into the A600 platform, got som nice upgrades on the way, such as the Furia accelerator, 3.1 KS and a 4GB CF drive. (y)
All without modifying the original cases of course, i refuse to cut holes in something as beautiful as an original Amiga.

All right, i think that will have to do for now.

See you around here on AmiBay!



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Nov 15, 2010
South Shields
As much as i dont like it, there are a few sellers on ebay who break Amiga's down and sell them in parts. If you message one of them and ask him for a specific key i'm sure he will sell you just that key. User names of Amiga Heaven or Amiga Retro Experience will probably be able to help you with that.
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