Hello from Canada!


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Jun 5, 2013
Toronto, ON

Long time lurker... new poster here. I'm a Commodore fan as well as most vintage computers and happened on Amiga when someone gave me an Amiga 500 for the $20 plus shipping. Well, buying that was a mistake. I went from the 500 to the 1200, the 1000, the 2000, the 3000, the 2500, the 4000 (doesn't work) and just today landed my 3000T (my favourite).

I do need to learn a little more and will continue to lurk but I have restored the 2000, 3000 and 2500 from leaky batteries. I'm amazed the one 3000 I have works as it's lost the top coat of the motherboard about the size of a quarter but I cleaned it and penciled in a new top coat with an MG Chemicals Overcoat pen. The 4000 needs work but my 3640 CPU card is good so that's a relief but that's the topic of another post. However, the 3000T already has a coin battery with diode installed away from the motherboard and the area under the battery is pristine!

I am in Amiga Heaven right now and have a great project for Christmas (exploring the 3000T :) and fixing my 4000 :( ). The 3000T has a Commdore A2065 network card (that I need to find a transceiver for) and a video card that has no markings but comes up with a Cybergraphix v4 splash screen. Should be interesting.

Anyway, glad to be aboard.
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