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Nov 11, 2023
Hello AmiBay community,

I'm Paddy (41) from the beautiful Northern Black Forest (Germany). My connection with the Amiga began in childhood (probably like most people here), around the age of 9. That Christmas, I received my first Amiga, an A500. I bought it with my dad at a Karstadt store in Karlsruhe. On the A500, I mostly played and did some 'Workbench' activities. Unfortunately, my A500 eventually gave out :(. However, a good used A2000 quickly became its replacement, and my focus was primarily on gaming once again. The A2000 had to make way for a new Amiga 1200 (Amiga Technologies/ESCOM) around mid-1995. I treated myself to this as a Magic Package :love7:. Compared to the previous two companions, this was a whole new league.

Of course, there was a lot of gaming here as well, but I also quickly started doing quite a bit. Office work, internet activities, beautifying the Workbench, a bit of AMOS Pro, and starting to learn HTML. I continually expanded it. A Blizzard 1230 IV from Phase 5 slumbered in it for quite a while. This gave way to a 1260, also from Phase 5. The entire setup eventually moved into a beautiful Infinity Tower case one day. I practically sat at this device almost daily. When the PPC era began, I was initially motivated to swap the 1260 for a PPC card. A Blizzard PPC 603e was considered... Unfortunately, it only remained a thought from today's perspective. In my youthful folly, the combination of education, driving a car (finally allowed), and all the other things became more important all at once. Professionally, it drew me more and more towards the PC :(

Following the motto - I was young and needed the money - I sold all the beautiful "stuff," probably too cheaply. I never thought I'd regret this step... I would have liked to have the luck of pulling a box from the attic or basement. Full of excitement, wondering if the device still runs like it did back then... But yes. Long story short. As you age, you often think back to the "old" times, and I found my way back to the Amiga. I've tried various things. WinUAE, Amiga Forever, on the Raspberry, etc., but somehow I can't get rid of the idea of getting a "real" Amiga again. In my research, I came across this forum, and it was also recommended to me in other groups (e.g., Facebook). I think I can get up to date here, as it's been quite a while. By the way, in the last 2-3 weeks, I've actually acquired 2 Amigas and couldn't be happier. Originally, I was searching for an A1200 and came across a good offer for an A500, which I bought before the A1200. But the A1200 deal was fantastic as well, and I received it a few days ago. So, that's it briefly about me :) I'm looking forward to many posts and entertaining discussions.

Best regards, deeZey (Paddy)
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