Hello from Minnesota


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Dec 10, 2023
Greetings from the frozen Upper Midwest, USA

I'm a console enthusiast mostly, but the Amiga CD32 always stood out to me as unattainable for my fun hobby. Last year I had the chance to buy a re-capped PAL unit from someone in Michigan. It needed a little love, including a new laser and adjusting the pots - thankfully I have a neighbor who is a whiz with this stuff. I also stumbled upon someone selling the Honey Bee controller, and that is easily my peripheral of choice.

I've since added about 25 games to my collection for it, including some recently released homebrew like the ReShoot series. I enjoy getting the physical games in hand, but since almost all of them need to be imported it can be tricky. I'm interested in talking and trading/buying CD32 stuff as well as keeping on the pulse of new homebrew projects.
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