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Oct 1, 2015
Hi there
New user here, just recently moved out our apartment, and finally got the basement i needed for my retro computers. Started out in 1990 with an amiga 500, later bought a 25MB harddisk for around 800€. In 1993 i got my first a 1200, started sniffing to assembly programming. Me and some friends started hanging out in the weekends and playing with this wonderful piece of hardware with a huge amount of registers to fool around in.
That interest, and somewhat rebellious hobby, became the starting point of my real education. It wasn't my school, my parents, or my heritage, that made me where I am today - it was my interest in doing cool stuff on computers.

Today im a software engineer in the tv broadcast business, working for the danish broadcasting corporation, father of 2 kids, and still loving doing cool stuff on computers, both in my work, and when automating my home, car, parents, wife etc.
I have 2 amiga 1200s, one (probably defect )1260 dcecom card, one fpu ram card 68882. One Amiga 4000D/040 with Scandoubler II, ethernet, and various zorro cards. A few c64, a few dblpal amiga monitors.

Hi to all the old school demosceners in here, you made the 90'es a blast for me!

Favorite AGA demo - Balance: Syndrome
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