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Jan 12, 2015
Greetings everyone from (not so sunny today) California!

Nice to find a community for the sharing of knowledge, anecdotes and hardware as we recapture the glory days of our past gaming/computing history.

I am orginally from the UK and have been stateside around 14 years. My first computer was a Commodore Vic20 back in 1981. Originally I wanted a ZX81 as all my friends at school had that (didn't even know the VIC existed to be honest). I remember going to the store with my father to show him the '81 and he then went to the large department store where he normally bought his TV/HI-FI stuff to see if they had it there and cheaper(!) Anyway when we got there, there was no Sinclair in sight so he pointed at the VIC-20 and asked if that 'would do' as it looked better. Yep, sold! Colour graphics? sound? real keyboard? I was in heaven.

I cringe when I think of how little I knew back then. It was a week before I realized that programs didn't save when I switched the machine off. I had typed in a long game listing and had gone to bed hoping to check it out the following day... Needless to say I got a Datasette the following weekend.

I have been a devoted Commodore fan from that day onwards with a slight detour to a TI-99/4a on which I learnt to program(It's BASIC was better than the Commodore and a great if costly machine to upgrade). I Have owned all the Commodore home computers (well mostly) at some point and presently have my Amiga 2000, SX64 and Commodore 128 on which I can revisit the 'good old days' of gaming. I also have a Pet which I am getting repaired.

My last Commodore product in the day was the Amiga 500 which I sold to move to the Archimedes series of computers, starting with the A4000, Then A5000 and finally the RiscPC. PCs then came into my life due to my job in the gaming industry and Commodore/Acorn went under and with that the 'fun' age seemed to be over.

The RiscPC is probably my favourite computer of all time. I think everything about it was perfect and I was sad to see Acorn go out of business. Glad I was able to get another one recently and will be getting back to working on it to see what I can produce.

Why am I here? basically with RiscOS getting a boost from Raspberry Pi and a quest for a nice Amiga 3000 I am looking to share information, learn tips and trade with my fellow community.

Nice to meet you all!

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