Hey Y'all - A new passion for Amiga gaming brings me here!


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Jan 16, 2015
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Hi guys

I have just joined Amibay as I have recently rediscovered Amiga gaming using original hardware..

But first.. A little bit about me. I am 34, I live in deep, dark Suffolk with my gorgeous girlfriend and we are both creative types.. me a music producer and DJ and her a 3D animator and expert in motion graphics! I have always been a retro gamer through and through and have owned pretty much every console worth owning at some point. I have had phases where I buy loads of stuff and play the games every day, then it dies out a little and I love onto the next thing. It happened with Mega Drive and SNES.. and now it is happening with Amiga - though I feel more passionate about this wonderful machine that the consoles.

I first owned an Amiga 600 in 1993 when my father bought me the Weird & Wild pack. I absolutely loved the graphics - a huge step up from my C64.. and I loved the colourful and exciting platform games with their jaunty music and far more detailed worlds.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I bought a massive load of stuff from a guy selling his gaming stuff from his garage. I bought a ZX Spectrum 128K with a billion games for £** and , while there, I asked him if he had anything else.. he did! He opened a box with an Amiga 600, an external disk drive, all the leads, and loads of unboxed original disks such as Monkey Island and Superfrog. I asked immediately how much he would like for it. His answer? *** pounds! Needless to say I couldn't get the money out of my wallet fast enough!

I had, however, purchased this stuff to make a little money for Christmas, so I foolishly sold it on Ebay for £**. Far, far too cheap (I am still kicking myself). But it had ignited a passion within me and I knew I wanted to get another Amiga.

I then bought one from Ebay for £** and bought a GOTEK USB Floppy Drive. I installed it and BOOM.. all my favourite games played from a USB stick! Fantastic! Unfortunately the Amiga died about a week later, so I bought another one for £** (console only as I already had the leads and joystick etc.). Next up from a custom made RGB scart lead from Retrocable.com and I was blown away by how crisp and beautiful the new image was! I then located and collected a free old CRT TV from a local gumtree ad and set it up in my lounge!

Next up was a chance meeting with an Amiga fan who was selling his gear. I now have a further two Amiga 600s - both in immaculate white condition and one an A600HD - with custome made PSUs, 1Mb chip RAM expansion, several PCMCIA SRAM cards and compact flash cards with disks and adapters. This kindly fellow has been a huge source of useful information.

Several bulk games purchases and another Amiga (a 500+ Cartoon Classics pack) later and I now have a pretty decent selection of stuff. Here is a quick snap of most of it.. notice the external disk drives on the shelves on the left ;)


So, that's me and my Amiga love!

I hope that I will get to meet fellow enthusiasts here and be able to chat Amiga, get some handy tips, and possibly do some swaps and whatnot - I am looking to start buying some old issues of Amiga Power magazine - my choice mag back in the 90s!

Catch you later

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Welcome to AmiBay.

I've had to remove your quoted prices as this is seen as price driving. A strict no-no on AmiBay


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