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Jan 19, 2024
Just wanted to say hi!

Recently I've decided to build an Amiga 1200 from scratch (ReAmiga 1200) because I like the challenge of scrounging the web for parts and soldering/faultfinding. I know it's cheaper just to buy a second hand but what's the fun in that? Hopefully this year a new Amiga 1200 will see the light of day.

I used to own an Amiga 1200 with Blizzard 1230 50MHz + 4MB ram expansion, CDROM and 210MB harddisk. I liked to tinker with sound trackers and graphics ie adpro, photogenics, Lightwave 3D, Scenery animator, vista pro, a bit of C programming experiments etc. I managed to recover a few of my old animations from those days :)

I've recreated my old HDD content mostly from backup floppies and tosec applications in WinUAE. Most of the floppies were severely moldy so I've created the floppy cleaning kit that is 3D printable.
I also created my custom capture hardware and software to capture some challenging floppies resisting capture. The metal hub came loose from several of them. Simply glueing it back wasn't enough for a good capture. The floppy donut got off center resulting in 'wobbly tracks'. I used a 3D printer step stick with microstepping to read between the tracks and managed to make a full recovery of all the floppies with loose metal hubs.

Anyway the main reason I'm here is finding Amiga 1200 parts.

Parts I'm still trying to get my hands on:
  • 1 CIA (I've ordered one from ebay but could not do another one as there's a 10 day restriction). I wish there was some MCU replacement for this as well, they are getting expensive.
  • Ordered. XU9 PAL 16V8 part (I've already declared interest on a seller here but can't PM because I need to post more threads ;)
  • AD724 (probably can be bought new from mouser)
  • LF347 (probably can be bought new from mouser)
  • MC1488/1489 (probably can be bought new from mouser)
  • Someone here sold his original case, thanks! Amiga 1200 case, if anyone knows a place that has them in stock, I'm all ears :)
  • Keyboard. I do have an A500 but I'd rather leave that one in tact. Alternative would be to add an USB adapter for the 68HC05.
  • 68HC05, Can't seem to find one (affordable) but found a github repo that has a replacement, seems doable. I like to tinker with microcontrollers anyway. I could add a HID to this chip to allow USB connection.

Have a great day!
[edit updated parts list I still have to acquire]
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