Hi from beautiful Birmingham


Aug 22, 2015
United Kingdom
West Midlands
Hi all,

Been lurking for a while but thought I would introduce myself. I had an Amiga 500+ for Christmas 1991 after much nagging of my poor mum who eventually forked out. Aside from games and demos this introduced me to computer music making via protracker/octamed and a 'megamix master' sampler which was a birthday present later on.

Every so often over the years I've dug out the Amiga for a little nostalgia and even bought an A1200 on ebay about 12 years ago (it cost me virtually nothing, I think the prices have increased a fair amount since then!) Recently I have discovered CF HDs, floppy emulators, accelerators etc. and have been bitten by the bug again! Great to see there is a thriving scene around what still has to be my favourite computer!
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