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Mar 3, 2015
Hello everyone,

My name is Thomas and I'm 34 years old. As everyone around, I'm involved in retrocomputing and have a special something about (classic) Amiga.

I'm trying to build a website to share my personnal collection to the world, but I'm so lazy so it's far from a finished word. But if you can understand french (english version to come... one day), you are welcome to browse www.uberhardware.com to discover the retro hardware I've collected so far. Amiga was the 1st brand new computer my parents bought me when I was 12, an Amiga 600 for 1992 christmas. This particular one have been transformed in a A600T years ago and I've totally lost track of if, my mother may have throw it away while moving I suppose. After years without any Amiga, I bought a 2nd hand (stock/never opened) Amiga 600 in 2009 and I've completed my collection since with a 1200, a 500, a 500 plus (not working yet) and I recently acquired a superb Amiga 2000 and even an Amiga 1000 but I've not received this one yet.

If I can call myself a PC expert, i'm far from it with Amigas and I've got a lot of questions to ask to gurus from this forum (+ shopping to do :p).

See you on the forums,

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