Hi guys!


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Aug 23, 2015
Bø i Telemark
I'm originally from Norway where I started out (well after the C64 of course) with the A500+, then a couple of A1000 (Ran a BBS using ABBS one of them for two years) a A3000 (Loved that thing) and then got that external hard drive with the CPU upgrade for the A500 that made it faster than my beloved A3000 (Don't recall the name of it) and finally the CDTV and the CD32 (I regret getting rid of it to this day.. ahh.. those CD movies.. lol)

I currently live in the US and more precisely in South Carolina. I guess I like the heat or something as I havent moved out after 15 years or so.

As of right now I don't have any Amiga equipment, but I do have a C64 with all the Commodore peripherals that I could get my hands on including their foray into joysticks. Obviously I will most likely get me some Amiga metal very soon. :)

Anyhoo.. hope to make new friends here and also make some good deals. :)
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