How to listen to MIDI files on Amiga through Roland MT-32?


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Aug 1, 2008
Hi, I'm struggling to listen to MIDI files using real hardware (Roland MT-32) on my Amiga. I'm using a Clarity16 MIDI interface which is connected both to serial and parallel connectors on my A1200 (I don't know what is the reason for parallel connection?).

I can hear MIDI music and sounds when playing games from ScummVM or from AmigaOS that support MT-32 without any problems. The connection is MIDI-OUT from MIDI interface which goes to MIDI-IN into MT-32 and then sound output to Amiga speakers. So far so good in that part.

The problem though is when I try to listen to midi files (from Aminet) using a midi player on Workbench. I've downloaded and installed camd.library, AHI is installed and configured (but I guess that is irrelevant for midi output), and also downloaded camd toolkit from Aminet, which has some players. Any player loaded it asks for MIDI input to select which I do, but I don't hear anything from the speakers. I guess I'm missing something? Maybe more midi or sound cable connections are in order?

Any help from a midi specialist will be appreciated.


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Jun 10, 2010
First, you won't be hearing nice music from MIDI files with a Roland MT32 because the MT32 is not General Midi but from an era before that standard. You won't get the good instruments and a lot of channels will be missing, you will mostly get garbage. Roland MT32 is for Roland MT32 stuff, if you are not a musician that means games made for the Roland MT32 / LAPC1, around 1988 to 1993.
If you want to listen to MIDI music the proper way, you should look for a GM compatible device, such as Roland SC55, SC88 or similar, Yamaha MU-50 and similar.

Second, you need a MIDI interface for the Amiga with MIDI out connected to MIDI in of your device, camd library and a player. For the later, look for MrCAMD which is the best all around player with a GUI. You should also have a MIDI Preferences in Pref after installing the camd library and for the Amiga you should just use out.0 as output, even with the MIDI boxes with several output, they are usually all the same output.


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Jun 25, 2023
Also, you may need to send SysEx commands to the MT-32 in order to make it configure the sound patches used for playback. That needs to be done before playing the MIDI files. There are some MIDI files floating on the Internet that try to bring the MT-32 into an almost-GM setup—I won't link any because I'm not sure what's the licensing.

There are some MT-32 game music rips which include the SysEx setup for that particular game. A good one for testing could be the Akūmajo Dracula for X68000 soundtrack, there is a slightly edited version here that sounds great in my experience:

The LucasArts games include their own SysEx commands to configure the MT-32, and that's why their music sounds fine regardless of what has been played (ot not) earlier.

I hope this helps!
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