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Jan 3, 2015
I'm new to Amibay but not the Amiga! My name is Chris Decato and I'm an audio and music guy. The Amiga was the 1st computer I ever owned, and I was lucky enough to fall into an A3000 with all the audio goodies it had to offer! Bars&Pipes, Dr T's, Audio Master, Audio 4, Studio 16 with the AD516 card, and The One Stop Music Shop... I got into Mods a little which I know Amiga folks love, but I only wrote a few tunes that way, I was more into the midi sequencing and sampling apps!

In the late 90's when the Amiga got lost, I was an audio engineer at an analog recording studio with a 2" 16 track, 32 tracks or ADAT (YUCK!) Sonic Solutions running on a Mac and have since been a Pro Tools guy. My A3000 last booted up around 2004 and I did a lot of archiving and/or transferring songs to Pro Tools to remix. I lost interest until just a few months ago when I saw some vids of folks like you guys running vintage and new Amiga systems! I'm now trying to get my old A3000 to boot but having some real trouble... it's been sitting in a box in the basement for 10 years and seems to be quite dead!! ugg! But!! I am committed to either getting it up and running, or buying a 3000 that has been updated and running... Paula baby!

I have a BandCamp catch all account with a lot of these tunes on it, I'll share a few for fun.

Here's the first tune I recorded with Bars & Pipes. I think I just scribbled notes into the loop tool for the drums, banged out a bass track, theres a vox pad note that has been split and sent to a arp8 tool (my fav!) that is triggering a DX9 patch I believe, and then a piano solo with the delay tool on... silly but fun!

Next is a tune I wrote using the Amigofone or AmigaSamplePhone tool?, anyways, you could load 8 bit samples into a tool and trigger them... amazing! That sludgy 8 bit grunge is why I am trying to get my 3000 booted!

StarRats 3 was created for a great Amiga guy Marc Dole. He was working on making a feature film using the Amiga to create scifi/CG worlds inhabited with Rats! awesome! (=

One last one, Little Bell. This was an experiment using the ArpG8 Tool... remixed in ProTools in 2004

Thanks for reading if you made it this far! Looking forward to chatting with some of you folks!!

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