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Jan 4, 2015
The Netherlands
Hi there everyone and the best wishes for the new year.

I started with computers with a Sinclair ZX81. Having learned a lot from it and loving it, I decided to move up. As I'm human, I'm used to making the occasional mistake, so the next computer was a Mattel Aquarius. Hmm...
It didn't take long for me to start looking for a real improvement. At first my eye fell on the Sinclair QL, and I was torn for a long time.
The reason was the news of the upcoming Commodore Amiga. What a fantastic machine it was appearing to be, but at what a price! Hmm... again.
But I very luckily made the right decision in not buying the QL but getting myself the Amiga 1000 with the monitor and memory extension. That was the beginning of a fantastic period of computing. After a while I wanted more and went to the Amiga 2000. I got myself a hard disk and a PC-card. Wow. And after a while I got myself a 4000/40.
By then I had a job and got into computing professionally. So that's when things went south and I switched to the MS-DOS PC's. And now, after all these years, getting older made me nostalgic, and I started looking at old computers again, and that quirky QL made me start a collection of old computers. I focused on the pre-PC computers that I knew of in the days, and by now I've got all that I want except 1, the Amiga 4000/40. Luckily I'm patient (sometimes). Luckily my girlfriend is also patient with me in this regard.
Professionally I'm in the IT business now for some 25 years, and I probably will (have to) be for another 20.

Joining this community I hope to get access to lot's of info to get into the Amiga again, and perhaps be able to help others.

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