Wanted Looking for software for G2 Image Engine, inc Harlequin software, Imagica Paint


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Aug 20, 2022
Hi, about a year ago I came into possession of an Amiga 4000. I could not test it when picking it up, as it had some kind of exotic graphics card in it.

I have a Youtube channel on the go

And I am about to release a multi-part video on that machine repair (battery leaking, who'd have thought it...) and the refurb

In that machine was nestled a G2 Image Engine, which seems to have been a pretty chunky monkey professional broadcast-level card back in its day.

Problem is... I have ZERO software for it, no manual, nothing. Looking online, I can't see either paint package, which is Harlequin or Imagica paint to download for it.

I have reached out to the vendor that sold it to me. This was part of an estate that was given to him by a friend of his who passed on. I received a ton of hardware, including a large broadcast breakout box
and the related cables and a fader box.

But, zero software, no manual. So it's got no soul right now, it's just a dead parrot as they say... crying.gif

Does anyone out there have any info on this card, Ideally we would want to get the software and manuals back online somewhere in some arch.

Harlequin and or Imagica paint might make a good start. I understand these were available for other systems, so

Here is a press release from just before its release, which gives some ideas as to its capabilities.

"Image Engine nears release

G2 Systems, for long the distributors of the Austrian VD2001 24-bit
graphics card, are putting the finishing touches to their own 32-bit card,
to be known as the Image Engine.

The new board will be based around the increasingly popular Texas
Instruments 34020 chip, a dedicated high-power graphics processor, to
allow continuous hardware scrolling of a 768 x 574 window, aided by
the board's 4Mb VRAM. A real-time 24-bit digitizer capable of handling
broadcast resolution images will also feature high in the Image Engine's
spec list.

An 8-bit alpha channel will give the card linear keying capabilities pre-
previously enjoyed only by Amiga Centre Scotland's Harlequin board, and
the Imagica paint software will be bundled free of charge.

Available in two configurations, one for RGB input/output, the other
for YC/Composite, the board is aimed at the professional and semi-
professional broadcast market.

G2 Systems can be contacted on 0252 737151."

Do you think I should call that number?

Er... yeah, maybe not


Chris aka Retronaut
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