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Apr 21, 2008
275 euros shipping included or best offer

for more info:

LPort422™ and PanPort422™ each let you control compatible camcorders and VCRs from most editing systems on the market today. No more dubbing DV or Hi-8 footage to expensive formats before editing. Do your editing and logging directly from the original tape using your camcorder or VCR like a professional deck. Lport422 supports all DV devices which have a LANC remote connector. Digital-8 and Hi-8 are also supported.
PanPort422 supports Panasonic DV2000 (DV2700 PAL), EZ-20, EZ-30

Why Use LPort™ or PanPort™?

* Provides control of DV and Hi-8 camcorders/VCRs from standard RS-422 controllers
* Use your non-linear system's RS-422 control port to batch capture DV and Hi-8 footage
* Emulates RS-422 VTR protocol for control of a camcorder or VCR
* Transmits original time code between deck and editing/logging system
* Portable, quick and easy with plug & play setup--take it along to any post facility
* Saves money on expensive VCRs you won't have to buy

Who Uses LPort™ and PanPort™?

* Producers use L-Port and PanPort for automated batch-capture from camcorder to disk--no dubbing
* Post production facilities use L-Port and PanPort for professional control of small format camcorders and VCRs
* TV news facilities use L-Port and PanPort to gain quick access to original, small format news footage
* Videographers use L-Port and PanPort to interface low-cost, consumer equipment with professional systems

Lport: LANC (Control-L) DV and Hi-8 camcorders/VCRs with timecode
PanPort: Panasonic 5-pin models: EZ-20, EZ-30, AG-DV2000 and later models, plus PAL models
Editing systems with standard Sony RS-422 VTR control


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